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Color / Digital / 4:46 min.

When the blind lead the blind by a desert without questioning why they walk, what they seek or need. An absurd portrait of the lack of questioning of the existence, of society, of oneself. Experimental video recorded in Laguna Salada in 2010 in collaboration with the cultural space Mexicali Rose.

Dardin Coria, “Ruega por nosotros
”, V.I.C.I.O.
, 2010, Gold Record
Miguel Manjarrez Ibal, 
Martin Moroyoki
, Francisco David Martinez Moroyoki, 
Rodney Flores
, Ganimedes Guerrero, 
Jose Cardoza Rojero, 
Marco Vera, 
Paulo Aguayo Corona, 
Juan Carlos Uribe
, Franko Cardoza Sandoval, 
Gustavo Siono, 
Adly Maldonado.
Direction, Photography, Edition:
 Giancarlo Ruiz